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Common AC Condenser Repair And Upkeep to Keep You Cool

AC Condensers or air conditioner units help keep your home cool and comfortable. However, they require regular maintenance and repairs to perform at optimum levels. Bellow are parts of an AC unit that can require repair and how to address these issues.

Common Repairs

  • Debris: this is less a repair and more standard upkeep. If there is debris or overgrown plant life around a condenser then regular cleanup and landscaping can correct this issue. The unit itself should also be regularly cleared of debris such as branches, leaves, or dirt build up.
  • Coils: issues with coils can often be fixed by a simple cleaning. However, if there is damage to the coils replacement may be required. In more severe cases the entire unit may need replacing.
  • Run Capacitor: if a compressor run capacitor is causing problems the solution is to replace it with a new part.
  • Condenser Relay Switch: a faulty relay fan switch is a relatively basic repair. When a relay switch ceases working then simply replace it with a new one.
  • The Motor: the motor on an AC compressor can often be repaired by replacing damaged components without the need to replace the entire motor. An important part of such a repair is verifying replacement parts meet the right specifications. Any new parts should be identical to the old ones and match manufacturer specifications.
  • The Control Board: if a control board starts malfunction than a full replacement is advised. Much like with motor part replacement the new board should meet the unit’s specifications and features.

While some repairs can be undertaken by a homeowner (such as debris clean up) more advanced repairs should be left to licensed and experienced professionals.

When You Need AC Repairs
As the above information shows AC compressor repair can cover a wide assortment of possible occurrences. If you’re in the Tri-Cities or nearby areas, Kayl Heating & Air today is the top choice for AC services. Conveniently located in Doniphan, NE and assisting Nebraska residents with a wide assortment of HVAC repair and replacement options. Contact us today for more information.