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Heat Pump Vs. Furnace

Many people want to know which is better, heating pumps or furnaces. It’s a fair question, and the difference between these two types of heating systems is not trivial. The short answer is that the best pick is the one that suits your budget, preference, and the climate you live in. A heat pump will tend to perform better in temperate climates where the seasonal extremes are not so pronounced. A furnace, on the other hand, will be better suited to handling climates with the harshest winter cold.

Heat Pump vs Furnace

Now that you know the basic difference between the two, let’s go a bit more in-depth on the real differences between these two types of heating systems.


In most parts of the country, fuel for a heat pump will be less expensive. Conversely, a heat pump can cost more to maintain and install. In the long term, heat pumps are usually more cost-effective when they are a good match for the climate.


Because heat pumps only transfer warm air, rather than generating warm air- they will tend to be more efficient. Furnaces have an efficiency rating of between 70% to 85%, whereas a heat pump will usually be about 10% more efficient.


Because furnaces must burn fuel to generate heat, they tend to be less safe to use. This problem can be overcome by specialty installation. Furnaces also come with a carbon monoxide hazard, but this can be dealt with easily in most cases.

Life Span

Because heat pumps are in use all year round, they tend to have shorter lifespans than a furnace.

Ease of Use & Convenience

The use of a furnace is pretty intuitive, and many people enjoy them for their simple and rustic style of use. A furnace is easier to maintain, but it only provides heat whereas a heat pump can provide both cooling and heating.

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