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How Can I Control Static Electricity in My Home?

Static electricity in your home can be quite an annoyance. If you’ve recently noticed a significant increase in static electricity, consider taking action. Let’s look at some ways you can control this inconvenience and prevent unwanted shocks.

Treat Carpeting With Antistatic Chemicals

If you have rugs and carpeting in your home, you’ve probably realized that constantly walking across these surfaces causes the build-up of static electricity. You can limit this common source of static electricity by treating your carpet with chemicals specially made for solving the issue.

Get Houseplants

Science tells us that one of the major factors contributing to static electricity is dryness. Friction will often create a static charge when the air in your home is below 45% relative humidity. By increasing the relative humidity level in your residence to an amount greater than 50% to 55%, you can significantly reduce the frequency and strength of static discharges. Any humidity level above those numbers nearly guarantees a static-free environment.

Getting some houseplants for your home is an easy way to increase relative humidity. Plants release the water they absorb back into the air as vapor.

Buy Special Anti-Static Shoes

If you are finding it too difficult to increase the relative humidity level in your home, there’s an alternative. You can look into buying special antistatic shoes. There is a basic principle behind how these shoes function. Their soles contain conductive strands that discharge static as you walk. This can prevent those bothersome shocks.

Have a Whole-Home Humidifier Installed

Houseplants can be effective at keeping your home’s relative humidity level up, but controlling humidity with houseplants is not an exact science. Plants are living organisms that operate differently during the changing seasons. Installing a whole-home humidifier will take the guesswork out of the equation and give your residence an ideal humidity level year-round. Contact an experienced professional if you need a humidification service that will make your living space static-free.

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