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Variety of HVAC Career Paths

There are many different types of careers in the HVAC industry. You’ll find jobs at all levels of the business sector — from entry level to top management. Furthermore, there are careers that focus on household installations and others that concentrate on industrial applications for HVAC specialties. With the emphasis on green building and renewable energy, the industry is progressing into areas that were barely conceived 10 years ago. Kayl Heating & Air, Inc. in Doniphan, NE, provides opportunities for exploring an HVAC profession.

HVAC Engineers

Many HVAC engineers have degrees in Mechanical Engineering. They work on designing heating, venting and air conditioning systems for buildings and industrial applications. An engineer will work on the type, size and placement of HVAC components with an architect as a building is being designed. Often, an experienced HVAC technician can develop his or her career and apply real-life experience to design work.

HVAC Technicians

Once an HVAC system has been designed, it needs to be constructed and installed. For large applications, some of the system might be fabricated in an off-site shop. With smaller systems, the components are purchased, modified as needed and assembled. A NATE-certified HVAC technician’s role may include:

  • Installation based on specifications
  • Regular maintenance that extends equipment life
  • System and air quality testing
  • Repairs and part replacements

HVAC Managers

Every HVAC job from start to finish requires knowledgeable management. Managers may be the first contact with any customer to help them with decisions concerning their HVAC needs. A manager also coordinates the work of the technicians along the way.

The best thing about a job in the HVAC business is that it gives you an opportunity to help people and improve their lives. Rewards come from assuring the safety of a home’s air quality to making sure an environment is warmed or cooled to the appropriate temperature.

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