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Advantages of Ductless AC Systems in Doniphan

A ductless AC system typically consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit complemented with an outside compressor. The ductless cooling and heating systems are the new trend in the industry. Below are some of the advantages of ductless AC systems.

Easy and Fast Installation

The ductless AC systems are easier to install since they do not require an extensive ductwork that is usually in traditional central air configurations. Leading industry technicians take less amount of time to install a ductless AC system compared to the time taken to install a conventional AC unit.

They are Energy-Efficient

A house with a traditional AC system loses approximately 25 percent of energy to ductwork. The considerable energy consumption tends to push your energy bills high. By eliminating the ducts, you end up with a more home energy efficiency system that will save you a lot of money on energy bills.

The ductless AC unit has an inverter-driven compressor that speeds up and slows down depending on the system requirements instead of shutting off like the conventional systems making it suitable for home energy efficiency. They follow ENERGY STAR guidelines which make them exceed the minimum set standards.

They Improve Indoor Air Quality

With conventional AC units, the indoor air quality can be lower than the quality of outdoor air. For you to enjoy the quality indoor air, you must clean the air ducts regularly and sometimes dust, and other allergens will still be present even after the cleaning. However, mini-split ductless AC systems provide multi-stage air filtration that drastically reduces dust, bacteria, pollen and other allergens in the air leading to happy breathing!

It Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

The small size of the mini-split ductless AC system and its zoning capabilities makes it more energy-efficient as noted above. They take advantage of latest discoveries in chemistry to reduce their effects on the environment. They use a unique refrigerant called R410A that is known for zero ozone depletion potential. The systems remain environmental-friendly throughout their lifecycle.

Minimal Noise

Ductless systems are much quieter than a window conditioning system. You will no longer have to spend your summer night in Doniphan, NE listening to the rattle and hum of your wino air condition system or the rumbling sound of your central system.

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