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Furnace Safety Tips

You want your entire home to be safe this winter, and making sure that your furnace is safe is an excellent place to start. A lot of furnace safety is ensuring that you don’t unintentionally start a fire, but there are several steps that you should take to ensure that your furnace is safe to use this winter.

Get Rid of Flammables

Go through the utility closet or wherever else you house your furnace to ensure that you don’t have any flammables nearby. Some common flammables that people sometimes put in utility closets and laundry rooms where the furnace is also located include paint thinner and paint, ammonia, rags, papers, and other chemicals. If your furnace is in your laundry room, you also need to be especially careful that you don’t accidentally drape a piece of clothing near the pilot light.

Teach Your Children

Children are often curious, and if you’re concerned that you won’t be able to trust your children alone near the furnace, you need to have a way to keep them out of the room. If your children are a little older and are able to listen to you and follow directions, you need to teach them why playing near the furnace is unsafe. You should also teach them to keep their toys a certain distance from the furnace.

Put Up a Smoke Detector

It only takes a few minutes for an entire section of your house to be in flames, and you want to make sure that you have plenty of time to choose if you’re going to fight the fire or get out of the house. If the fire starts at night time, it’s even more likely that you won’t notice it in time. Put a smoke detector up in the room where your furnace is housed to ensure that you have those precious extra few minutes to protect yourself and your family.

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