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Getting to Know HVAC Career Options

HVAC CareersHVAC offers plenty of career options both for those who enjoy working with their hands and those who want to work at a desk. Following are some of the most common jobs in this field.

HVAC Technician

When you call Kayl Heating and Air, the person who comes to your door to maintain, repair or replace your AC or heating unit will be an HVAC technician. Technicians are tasked with both simple and complex repair jobs as well as common HVAC maintenance tasks. They also install HVAC units in newly-built homes, apartments and commercial buildings.

HVAC Engineer

An HVAC engineer not only installs, maintains and repairs HVAC units but also designs them. HVAC engineers typically work for manufacturing companies and design and consulting firms. HVAC engineers typically need a university degree and they must also stay abreast of current trends and developments in order to provide the best possible service.

HVAC Project Managers

HVAC project managers need not only HVAC training but also managerial training and experience in order to provide effective managerial services for an HVAC business. An HVAC project manager coordinates appointments, handles phone calls from customers, and consults with technicians regarding scheduling, inventory orders and more. A project manager may work at a manufacturing company or HVAC service and repair company. Large companies may hire more than one project manager; in smaller firms, the owner may handle project management for the team.

HVAC Mechanics and Specialists

HVAC mechanics and specialists can often find work with the state or federal government. The jobs they handle may not only pertain to HVAC work but HVAC training is needed in order to handle the tasks in question. Jobs in this field include working as a maintenance mechanic, facility operations specialist or AC equipment mechanic. Working as a specialist or mechanic is different from other HVAC career options because workers in this field work for the same employer day in and day out instead of dealing with a variety of customers.

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Kayl Heating and Air in Doniphan offers only the best HVAC services and products to customers in the tri-cities area, helping homeowners maintain an ideal home temperature no matter what the weather is like outside. We hire only the best technicians, specialists and other experts to ensure that homeowners and business owners receive the high-quality products and services they need in order to keep cool in the winter. Get in touch with us to learn more about what we have to offer or to schedule a timely maintenance, repair or HVAC replacement job.