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How Do Furnaces Work?

FurnaceAlthough many homeowners prefer the heat pump for their heating and air conditioning needs, the furnace is still a popular option for providing heat during the winter months. The furnace uses a time-tested and proven design for a reliable production of warm air, and whether it runs using gas, oil, or electric power it will keep a home or commercial building warm and comfortable during cold weather.

Basic Furnace Operation

Essentially, a furnace uses either an open flame burner (gas and oil models) or electric heating elements to warm the air which is then pushed by a fan through a series of ductwork to each room in the building. There is a thermostat to define the temperature at which the furnace automatically turns on and off, and valves for gas and oil versions or electric junctions to control the heating elements, along with controls for the fan and proper exhaust ventilation for carbon dioxide. The system uses an age-old concept related to using fire for heat but integrates it with a modern design to make the operation safer and far more controllable for the user.

Common Repairs and Maintenance

Although it sounds simple and to some extent utilizes a very basic concept, there are certain aspects of the design which require professional installation and maintenance as working on a furnace is not a DIY job. Oil or gas furnaces can cause poisoning if not properly vented and an electric furnace can cause a high voltage shock if mishandled. It’s recommended to conduct an annual inspection and maintenance routine to assure the unit is working effectively before it fails, as it can become an emergency situation when a heater stops working mid-winter, especially if there are children, elderly people, or someone who has existing health conditions in the home.

Heating Services in Doniphan, NE

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