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How To Effectively Set Your Thermostat For A Multi-Story Home

Multi-story houses are some of the most impressive on the real estate market. However, their size can often make it difficult for a thermostat to handle. Let’s take a look at how to effectively set your thermostat for a multi-story home.

Summer Settings

The main thing you have to remember is that warm air rises and cool air sinks. This means that in the summer, you should set the upper floor of your house to its desired temperature. Then, set the lower floor a couple of degrees warmer. Cool air will naturally gravitate toward the bottom floor, equalizing things overall. We recommend a two- or three-degree difference. This can even extend to properties that have three or more floors.

Winter Settings

In the winter, try the opposite process. Set the bottom floor of your home to your preferred temperature. The upper floor can be a couple of degrees cooler. Once again, warm air will rise to stabilize your entire household. By following these principles, you’ll end up with a good balance as well as lower electricity costs.

Set It Early

When attempting all of the above, it’s important to note that you need to get started early. If you want things to be perfect around dinner time, you can’t adjust the thermostat when you get home. This doesn’t allow enough time for things to equalize. Instead, tell your spouse or child to set the thermostat a couple of hours before you eat. This will enable airflow between your rooms and make the climate comfortable when you need it most.

Contact the Professionals

These are the best ways to effectively set your thermostat for a multi-story home. Kayl Heating & Air, Inc. in Doniphan, NE, is a great resource for learning more about the most efficient settings for your home. We can handle everything from heating to plumbing to other HVAC solutions. If you own a multi-story house, give us a call today for more information or to schedule an appointment.