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How to Save Energy This Winter

One of our top customer questions at Kayl Heating & Air, Inc. is how to save energy. With the constant use of a furnace or heat pump come wintertime, it’s important to understand how you can save some money. Here are 4 easy tips to put more money back in your pocket rather than sending it to the gas company:

Maintain your furnace or heat pump.
Make sure to change your furnace filters regularly as clogged or dirty filters cause your unit to run less efficiently. Less efficiency means more money for less heat, which no one wants. You might also consider getting an annual tune up to help your unit run more efficiently. We supply the kind of furnace repair Doniphan residents can rely on for this kind of service. A certified tech will check various components of your system for clogs, corrosion, and holes. This will help make sure that your heat is running in tip top shape.

Use LEDs instead of regular strand lights.
The holiday season can be a huge drain on your electric system because most people hook up a lot of lights. Between decorated trees, light up villages, outdoor lights, and even some inflatables, the electric usage can add up quickly. Using LED lights can save about 90% of the electricity it would take to run traditional bulbs. Higher efficiency means less electricity consumption and a lower electric bill.

Wear socks and warm clothes.
Rather than cranking up the thermostat, dress warmly even inside your home.

Keep the drafts out of your home.
Drafts from doors, windows, and holes in your walls let in cold air and let out warm air. Raise the thresholds on your doors to keep the cold air out. Replace any worn weather stripping around your windows and fill in any holes or gaps in your walls with silicone caulk.

By using these easy and inexpensive steps, you can save electricity and gas this winter without sacrificing comfort or holiday traditions. If you would like to schedule service or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us today!