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Is It Bad To Leave My Windows Open When I Have My AC On?

A dependable air conditioner can keep your home comfortable even during sweltering heat waves. Opening a window in hot weather can be a good idea, too. After all, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little bit of fresh air inside the house. What about running the air conditioner while the windows are open? No rule says you can’t do this, but there may be a few drawbacks.

Cold Air Escaping

When you run the air conditioner, cold air fills the house. As long as the air conditioner is maintained correctly, then it should pump cool air through the vents. When the window is open, however, the air will escape. There’s an open exit leading right to the outside, where the cool air will go. The air conditioner may compensate for the open window, but only so much.

Strain on the Parts

The air conditioner must work a lot harder to cool the interior when hot exterior air enters. By putting all this extra work on the HVAC system, expect your utility bills to be much higher. Some might argue that the additional expense is worth it. They might not realize just how extensive those expenses could turn out, though. The more strain placed on an air conditioner, the harder it works, and parts wear out. You end up increasing the chances of repair work. At some point, the number of damaged parts on an old system isn’t worth repairing. Residents in Doniphan and the surrounding area can call Kayl Heating & Air for AC repair, maintenance, and installation work. Service calls are available throughout the year.

Unintended Consequences

With the window open, you could find yourself dealing with other unwanted problems. Dust can enter the home when the windows remain open, even a small amount. An unexpected rain could occur with some of it coming inside. Keeping the windows closed helps to avoid these mishaps.

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