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Should an Outdoor AC Unit Be Covered in the Winter?

With an average air conditioning unit and installation costing close to $5200, it is important to protect the system, especially when it is not in use. Depending on where you live, your ac will be used from a few months a year to all year long. Some experts suggest covering a unit during off use seasons, however, this depends on where one lives and how long during the year the AC is used.

Reasons to Cover Your AC

  • If you live in an area prone to blizzards, it would be wise to cover your unit. Snow can pile up inside the AC, later melt and create rust from long-standing water. Parts will then wear out faster or need to be replaced by a heating an air specialist.
  • If you have turned your ac off for the fall season and it is located in an area with lots of trees that lose leafs, cover your ac. Leaves and other debris can become stuck and ruin the inner workings of a central air conditioner.
  • Hail storms. Anyone who has lived through a major hail storm can verify the size of some of the ice pellets.. more like ice balls! Ensure that you cover it prior to the storm for your safety and the AC’s safety!  The same advice goes for other major storms, such as tornados and hurricanes.

Reasons to Not Cover Your AC

  • Of course, if you use your unit all year and live in a subtropical or warmer climate, there is no need to cover your ac. It probably will be on most if not all of the year.
  • If you live in an area with snow, but few major storms, such as blizzards, there probably is no reason to cover your unit.  If the snow isn’t deep and blowing into your ac, it will melt quickly and not harm the unit.
  • Covered units sometimes become winter and off-season homes for small rodents and birds. Imagine your friendly rodent chewing through ac wiring and other parts.

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