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Which AC System is Best for You?

If the summer temperatures leave your home too hot, then keep in mind that you aren’t alone. More than 80 percent of U.S homes use an air conditioning system to enhance comfortability during summer while more than 95 percent of the new homes are equipped with a central air conditioning system. Installing or replacing your air conditioner can be a significant expense, so you will want to get it right.

Therefore, the big question is: what is the best air conditioner brand? This question is asked a countless number of times by homeowners who want to install or replace their AC units. However, the answer to this question isn’t simple since it depends on many factors. We will try to provide the best response to this question that will help you make the right decision.

Price vs Value
So, what is the best AC system for your home? To answer this question correctly, it is critical to understand the fundamental difference between price and value. Typically, when an AC unit has a good price, it means that it is cheaper compared to other AC units in the market, but that doesn’t mean that it will offer you the best value for your money.

It may be cheap but with a bad reputation which means that it has a poor value. Therefore, it is good to consider the aspect of value when it comes to choosing your AC unit. The four major factors that you can use to determine the value of an AC unit are; reliability, cost, customer service and the features the system offers you.

Consider the Type of the AC Unit
The most common types of AC units the heat pumps, split systems, central air conditioners, and the ductless mini-split systems. However, the split systems are the most common in the United States, and it is usually installed inside your house. The central air conditioners are good for large homes due to their ability to cool efficiently. Critically evaluate your home’s cooling needs to determine the right type of AC unit for you.

What Is the Best AC Unit for You?
In our own opinion, Goodman Heating& Air Conditioning manufacturers some of the best air conditioners. The company also owns another brand referred to as Amana which also manufactures quality products. Goodman is the most affordable air conditioner brand but markets Amana as its high-end counterpart.

Mitsubishi also produces reliable and efficient systems but their products are mostly used in Japan and Europe- two markets that are known for Perfectionism. Lastly, Carrier air conditioners also have a top-notch reputation in the industry and can serve you well although they are somehow expensive.

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